3 Steps to Reducing Knee Pain in the Workplace

About this event

Let’s begin this session with the intention of building stronger healthier knees.

Most people experience stiff knees after sitting for a long period of time. In this workshop you will perform exercises on your computer that will begin to reduce and some times eliminate the stiffness in your knees. You will learn techniques and strategies to produce;

  1. Less stiffness when standing
  2. Stair climb with ease
  3. Sit for long periods of time without getting stiff
  4. Learn stretches to eliminate back soreness & tightness

This 75-minute workshop you will learn what stretches and exercises are the best ones to reduce stiffness in the knees and tightness in the back.

Send this extraordinary free workshop invite to your co-workers, colleagues and friends. Having stiff knees and sore back in the workplace can be a thing of the past.

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Host: Renee Moten

Cost: Free

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Sage Appliances Live Home Coffee Masterclass

About this event

Learn the tricks to making third wave specialty coffee at home from our expert barista. Join our interactive session covering coffee preparation, measuring and milk texturing. This masterclass will comprise the following:

  • Espresso fundamentals
  • Dialling in your beans
  • Latte art

In the comfort of your own home, you’ll learn how to extract the best out of fresh beans in a fun and interactive 45-minute session. To gain the best experience from the class, it’s important you have the following setup prepared at home:

  • Sage espresso machine (with grinding solution)
  • Coffee beans in the hopper (roasted within 1 month)
  • Full water tank and empty drip tray
  • Milk jug & milk or dairy alternative
  • All provided Sage accessories (Min: razor, tamper, double shot single wall basket)
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Knock box or receptacle for used coffee grounds
  • Laptop/mobile device that is fully charged or connected to a power source
  • Timer (phone timer is fine)

Our live masterclass is designed at a pace that should be easy for you to follow.

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Global Hacks Hackathon: 2022 – 2023

About this event

Global Hacks is hosting a hackathon aimed toward promoting a higher level of education and diversity in STEM for all students across the world. Our goal is to introduce to students professional APIs and tools to inspire them to launch their own ideas and projects to tackle global problems. By bringing together innovative minds and students with an appetite for knowledge, Global Hacks provides the perfect environment for everyone to succeed and grow.


Depending on our generous sponsors and partners, prizes such as amazon gift cards, apple products, and more will be rewarded to the winning teams of the final hackathon!

More information will be released nearing the starting ceremony of the hackathon.



All students with an appetite for knowledge are welcome to attend! Students and beginners are especially encouraged to participate, as this hackathon will provide the perfect environment and tools to learn and grow. No coding or web development is necessary as workshops will provide you with everything you’ll need.


You will be asked to produce proof of student status prior to the event’s commencement, ( e.g. student id or student email domain).


Questions, comments, concerns, or inquiries? Contact us at:




For more information, please visit: globalhacks.net