CPD requirements workshop

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CPD requirements workshops

In this regulatory year of 2022 – 2023 the continuing professional development (CPD) requirements remain the same. Social workers must record a minimum of 2 pieces of CPD per registration year. At least one piece of CPD you record should include a peer reflection. This is a requirement of your registration as a social worker.

Hosted by the regional engagement leads, these this workshops throughout the year offers an overview of CPD, the changes to the ongoing requirements and how to meet them and maintain your registration requirements for this registration year. The deadline to record CPD and apply to renew your registration is 30 November 2023.

Join us to find out more about Social Work England, the CPD requirements and to contribute to a discussion about peer reflection.

This session will be held on Microsoft Teams. You will receive the link to join the event 2 hours before the session.

Privacy notice

Please note that CPD workshops that you attend may be recorded and shared online after the event. We may also use photos and screenshots from the event to be used both internally and externally for learning, marketing and promotional reasons.

Write Night

About this event

Join me for a free evening of writing in community!

1st Tuesday of the month from 7-8pm CST

Write Night is the perfect place to:
  • Develop a regular writing practice
  • Work on that revision you just can’t seem to find time to do on your own
  • Carve out space to journal and reflect
  • Send work to a publisher
  • …or whatever other writing-related project is calling you!
What to expect:
  • We’ll do a brief check-in, then dive into two twenty-minute writing sessions with a five-minute break in between.
  • Bring your own project to work on or write from the prompts that I’ll provide.
  • At the end of the hour, we’ll do a brief check-out to say how the time went.
About me:

I help writers who want to grow the seeds of rough drafts into finished works of art and are tired of the inner critic getting in the way. I believe that in order to find our most authentic voice and help our writing become its best self, we need a mixture of craft and compassion.

I bring a contemplative lens to my teaching and one-on-one mentoring, drawn from nearly twenty years of meditation experience and a lifetime of creative writing.

Whether you need support revising a single piece, completing a manuscript, or just getting words on the page, I create a compassionate structure that helps you practice kindness toward yourself while giving you the practical tools you need to make your writing shine.

In my classes, I create a welcoming, compassionate community that fosters student engagement, growth, and connection. You can expect to learn craft tools, generate fresh new work, and engage in the ongoing practice of making friends with your mind.

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Writing prompts