UCD Food and Health Public Lecture Series 2023

About this event

The world of social media provides an overwhelming amount of information on food and nutrition. Often this information can be misleading and, in some instances, harmful to people’s health. For the average person, it is difficult to know whether this information is fact or fiction.

The UCD Institute of Food and Health is an international leader in food and health research focusing on Food Safety, Food Sustainability, Primary Production Systems, Innovative Processing & Food Quality, and Nutrition & Health. Communicating sound, factual scientific-based evidence is an integral part of our work. For the past four years we have run the successful Public Lectures in Food and Health and we are delighted to be back in 2023 with a series of new topics and to revisit some previous topics updating them with the latest scientific knowledge and advances in the area. All our previous lectures can be found here.

The lectures will be streamed live via Zoom Webinar. Registration is essential and an email with a link to join the webinar will be sent in advance of each lecture.

2023 Schedule of Lectures

23rd January “Nutrition for Healthy Ageing” Prof Helen Roche

27th March “Lunch Boxes for Kids” Dr Celine Murrin

22nd May “Food Waste: Use & Prevention” Dr Nigel Brunton & Dr Sarah Browne

12th June “Nutrition and Men’s Health” Prof Clare Corish

25th September “Sustainable Food: Agriculture and Diet Aspects” Dr Aifric O’Sullivan & Prof Kevin McDonnell

13th November “Nutrition & Cardiovascular Health” Dr Breige McNulty

3 Steps to Reducing Knee Pain in the Workplace

About this event

Let’s begin this session with the intention of building stronger healthier knees.

Most people experience stiff knees after sitting for a long period of time. In this workshop you will perform exercises on your computer that will begin to reduce and some times eliminate the stiffness in your knees. You will learn techniques and strategies to produce;

  1. Less stiffness when standing
  2. Stair climb with ease
  3. Sit for long periods of time without getting stiff
  4. Learn stretches to eliminate back soreness & tightness

This 75-minute workshop you will learn what stretches and exercises are the best ones to reduce stiffness in the knees and tightness in the back.

Send this extraordinary free workshop invite to your co-workers, colleagues and friends. Having stiff knees and sore back in the workplace can be a thing of the past.

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Host: Renee Moten

Cost: Free

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Stress, Inflammation & The Gut Brain Connection

About this event

The gut-brain connection plays an integral role in our overall health. The way our bodies interact with our environment and vice versa control the functionality and overall health of our gut brain connection. Emerging research has begun to show that many mental health, autoimmune, and inflammatory conditions originate from imbalances in our gut microbiota. During this presentation we will discuss the role nutrition plays on the gut microbiota and how we can strengthen this connection to reduce stress, improve gut functioning, and enhance our mental health and focus. We will also discuss the role of stress and inflammation on the gut and how that impairs our cognitive abilities. We provide sound nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to help enhance the functionality of the gut-brain connection. Our session will conclude with a Q&A open forum. All session participants will receive a free 30 minute consultation with one of our dietitians for one on one counseling.

We will be offering seminars every Monday from 7-8 PM EST!