Neurodiversity – Masterclass Series

About this event

The IoN RDPU presents a Masterclass series on Neurodiversity.

Having begun in February 2021, the series will be entering its second year in 2022. We aim to showcase a diverse range of speakers and subjects from across the globe and the Neurodiverse community, academia, and industry . Previous speakers include Judy Singer, Prof Simon Baron Cohen. All previous sessions can be watched back here.

All are welcome to join.

Sessions take place monthly, on the fourth Thursday of the month. Register here; a link to the zoom sessions will be sent to you the day before the webinar.

The next session is on Thursday 26th January at 5pm with Sue Johnston Wilder, Maths Anxiety – A consequence of neurodivergence? Sue is Associate Professor of mathematics education at the University of Warwick, UK. Sue spent the earlier part of her career seeking to make mathematics as interesting as possible, through applications, technology and history in curriculum and teacher development. In 2008, she began focusing on the prevalent hidden barrier of maths anxiety. With Clare Lee, she developed the construct Mathematical Resilience and is co-founder of the international Mathematical Resilience Network. She has developed courses and interventions for teachers, coaches, maths anxious adults and learners.

Upcoming Sessions :

26th January – Sue Johnston Wilder, ‘Maths anxiety – a consequence of neurodivergence?’

23rd February Nathan Hughes – ‘Ensuring rights to justice for children affected by neurodisability’

23rd March – Elaine McGoldrick ‘ My Autism Learning Journey’